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Maintaining your car plays an essential part in its safety, performance and fuel economy. At Weldbank Garage we are dedicated to ensuring your car is running at peak performance, keeping you safe on the road and offering you quality, affordable servicing with manufacturers approved parts.

We offer a selection of service schedules for most makes and models using up to the minute technical data and equipment.

New car servicing the Facts

2003 European legislation now states servicing for any make and model can be carried out at an independent garage of your choice and your warranty will be unaffected

Full or Major Service

Interim Service

Manufacturers Service

For new or nearly new cars still within manufacturers warranty period.

We can service your car according to the manufacturers specifications based on mileage and age, and is exactly as the dealer provides but in most cases we can save you as much as 30 to 40% on costs. We have always endeavoured to offer a genuine alternative to the main dealer and with changes in European legislation it is now possible to service your car without invalidating your warranty.


We recommend on all our services

Engine Flush - Removes harmful carbon deposits from around the engine, improving compression

Fuel System Cleaner - Added to your fuel tank, cleans fuel injectors, combustion area (valves etc) catalyst and turbo charger.

We also stock many other specialist products and treatments for specific problem solving on engines gearboxes and axles etc. Read More....

We provide a selection of service schedules to suit the individual motorist, or companies with fleet vehicles privately owned or leased, we also keep a history of all service and repair work carried out.

Courtesy Cars

We offer all our customers a loan car to minimise inconvenience. (Subject to availability) Read more.

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Help us, to help you.

Things to remember when your vehicle is to be serviced.

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Needless to say if you are interested in any aspect of the services we offer.

..Please don't hesitate to talk to us.

New... Text service,

We all have busy lives.
If we see anything that is likely to cause you problems in the future,
we will not only advise you on the day, but will forward a text reminder (could be any amount of time in advance) to keep you aware of the work required and inform you that is now time to be rechecked, or repaired so you get the best mileage possible from items such as tyres or brakes etc and allows you to focus on other things and not your car!

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