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BoschTuning, Engine Diagnostics and Repair

At Weldbank Garage we have a dedicated tuning bay facility equipped with state of art technical equipment to cope with most modern vehicles built today. Prior to 1992 many of vehicles with older technology were able to be adjusted or tuned to get the maximum power and fuel efficiency possible.

Photo: Weldbank Tuning BayWe still see many older vehicles, fitted with this technology. Usually classics and performance cars and tune them still by carrying out adjustments to gain optimum power and fuel economy Modern day vehicles however cannot be tuned this way, they are self regulating and constantly adapting to the drivers demands for acceleration, performance and fuel economy and indeed all driving situations on today's busy roads.

All of today's vehicles are controlled by electronics with more devices being developed and fitted to them every year. The engine management system developed in the mid eighties has to be one of the industries major technical advancements, whereas the ignition and fuel systems prior to this were normally separate, or stand alone, the engine control unit or ECU, as it is known would now control the fuel supply and the ignition for the engine by combining the two separate functions into one main system.

Photo: Weldbank Tuning BayThe ECU which in reality is a computer controls the whole of the combustion process, using sensors fitted on and around the engine, the ECU processes data available such as engine temperature, engine speed, crankshaft and camshaft position, air taken in, throttle position, air/ fuel ratio and road speed to name just a few, from this information it will calculate and provide the correct engine tune at all times, making the engine more efficient and less polluting than ever before, especially when fitted with a catalytic converter, the catalytic converter further reducing emissions to absolute minimum.

Sounds good? And of coarse it is until it goes wrong, which to be fair these days is pretty rare. If it does go wrong however, it can be very difficult to diagnose faults and can lead to unnecessary and expensive repair bills without using the correct diagnostic equipment.

This is when our expertise in understanding engine diagnostics comes to the fore. Our fully trained technicians have been trained by Bosch and therefore have gained the specialist knowledge required, and by using the test equipment and up to the minute technical data we are able to diagnose any faults that may be in the system and advise you on the best course of action.

Photo: Weldbank tuning BayWhat if it does go wrong?

Today's systems are very complex but have amazing ability to not only control the engine as we said earlier, but can detect defects within the system such as a sensor failure and will initially indicate the driver with a warning light on the instrument panel, but then will cleverly replace the missing signal or information for that defective sensor with information stored within the ECU's microprocessor. Sometimes the vehicle can run so well the driver doesn't always notice a problem until the light comes on!!

Photo: WeldbankDiagnostics

If there is a malfunction in the system the malfunction indicator light (MIL) will illuminate on the instrument panel to indicate a fault.

We will use our diagnostic equipment to scan for faults, this is embedded in the ECU's memory it will pass fault codes to us via the equipment and in turn will allow us to localise the problem so we can further investigate.

Most of our diagnostic equipment is made by Bosch

Bosch 501 engine analyser
Bosch 560 engine analyser
Bosch mot 250 engine analyser
Bosch exhaust emission analysers
Bosch KTS 520 scanner
Bosch Fla 203 Rolling Road

Photo: WeldbankWe also supplement our Bosch equipment with diagnostic tools such as

Dec Superscan
Carman Scanner
Sykes Pickavant Scanner
Omitec Scanners
Asnu Fuel Injector testing and reconditioning equipment

We also have other diagnostic equipment to aid us in correctly pin pointing faults, such as fuel pressure gauges, break out boxes, portable oscilloscopes and multimeters, air pressure and vacuum gauges etc

We even have Endoscopes and stethoscopes!!! (Sounds more like a surgical theatre).

Our technical Data is mostly supplied by Bosch ESI this is an up to the minute database for us to follow, so that diagnosis and therefore repair times are kept to an absolute minimum.


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