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At Weldbank Garage we hope to give you the best MOT service possible.

MOT TestingWe are able to test class IV vehicles to include cars and light commercials up to 3000 kg in weight, including motorhomes and minibuses (conditional on phyisical size and seating capacity).

Class V and VII are also catered for, we do not test these vehicles on site but can prepare them and arrange the MOT test for you, removing any hassle or stress by ensuring your vehicle is back on the road as soon as possible.

Photo: ForteAny vehicle older than three years old must, by law, have a safety examination (different rules apply to taxis). The test is in place to ensure your vehicle meets the minimum safety criteria. The test can only be carried out by VOSA approved personel and consists of an in depth inspection of your vehicle, both internally and externally.

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If your vehicle passes the test, we will issue a VT20 pass certificate, if your vehicle fails we issue a VT30 document. In some cases we may issue an advisory notice (VT32) on items that wasn't severe enough to fail but will be likely to need attention in the near future.

Below are of some of the items checked on an MOT test

Vehicle identification number - a vehicle identification number must be permanently displayed and legible on a vehicle first used on or after 1 August 1980

Registration plate - condition, security, legibility and format of letters/numbers

Lights - condition, operation, security and correct colour. The headlamps will also be checked to see if the aim is correct

Steering and suspension - correct condition and operation

Wipers and washers - operate to give the driver a clear view of the road

Windscreen - condition and drivers view of the road

Horn - correct operation and type

Seatbelts - all seatbelts installed are checked for type, condition, operation and security. All compulsory seatbelts must be in place

Seats - front seats secure. Front and rear backseats can be secured in the upright position

Fuel system - no leaks, fuel cap fastens correctly and seals securely. The fuel cap will need to be opened. Please make sure the key is available

Exhaust emissions - vehicle meets the requirement for exhaust emission. These vary on the age and fuel type of the vehicle

Exhaust system - complete, secure, without serious leaks and silences effectively

Vehicle structure - free from excessive corrosion or damage in specific areas. No sharp edges

Doors - open and close. Latch securely in closed position. Front doors should open from inside and outside the vehicle. Rear doors may need to be opened to gain access to testable items

Mirrors - presence, condition and security

Wheels and tyres - condition, security, tyre size and type, and tread depth. Spare tyres are not tested

Photo: Weldbank
Photo: Weldbank
Photo: Weldbank

Brakes - condition, operation and performance (efficiency test). Suitable vehicles will be tested on a roller brake tester. Vehicles such as those with permanent 4-wheel drive will be tested either on a suitable road using a calibrated decelerometer.

On the Day of the test

Please bring your vehicle registration document (V5) with you.
It's worth knowing that a vehicle can have an MOT test one month before expiry of the current MOT. This means that should your vehicle fail the test it still has its current MOT expiry date, should it pass then the days are added on giving you a thirteen month test certificate or less depending on when the vehicle was presented for the test. It's worth booking early to make sure any repairs are carried out prior to expiry to ensure inconvienience of repair is kept to a minimum

If you are booking early please bring your current MOT certificate

What if the vehicle fails?

If your vehicle fails you must have it repaired, if you wish to continue driving it . We will issue a failure notice (VT30) and will explain the items it has failed on, we will also provide you with an estimate and will be more than happy to complete the necessary repairs.

Once repairs are completed an MOT re-test will be carried out and if all is well a VT20 pass certificate will be issued (there is no retest fee).

You may wish to drive the vehicle away and arrange to carry out your own repairs and providing the vehicle is returned within 10 working days we will carry out a free retest.

It should be noted that the MOT certificate is not a guarantee of the general mechanical condition of the vehicle.
Items such as the engine, gearbox and clutch are not checked.
It should also be noted it does not mean that the vehicle is roadworthy for the life of the certificate, but has passed a minimum road safety and enviromental standard required by law, at the time of test.

MOT TestingIt's easy to forget!
We now provide a reminder service for your MOT test.
This is done by letter or we will text if you own a mobile phone..

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