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BoschAir conditioning

Weldbank Garage has been involved in automotive Air conditioning for many years now. We were one of the first garages in the Chorley area to invest in A/C equipment; because of this we carried out work for many garages in the area including main dealerships as well as our own customers old and new.

We recognised there was rapid growth in the fitment of A/C systems to modern vehicles. Normally fitted to luxury cars, we saw an increase in vehicles sold with air conditioning from the largest people carrier to the small second car, it is now estimated that around 85% of new cars are sold with A/C fitted as standard.

Does Your System Work Correctly? Does It Work At All?

Photo: WeldbankDo you have?

Over a period of time the refrigerant gas used within the air conditioning system can escape, which can cause the system to be inefficient and increase fuel consumption (due to the systems compressor working harder to maintain the vehicles inner temperature).

The refrigerant gas has two functions

We currently use Bosch A/C equipment, which will recover, weigh, recondition the refrigerant and then recharge you're A/C system to the correct level as per manufactures specification and will also inject lubricating oil as necessary for the systems compressor.

Photo: BoschWe understand that your car is important to you and its annoying when your air conditioning goes wrong. Like all mechanical things maintenance is the key without regular servicing you're A/C system may fail early, causing even greater servicing costs.

Vehicle manufactures recommend A/C systems are serviced every two years, we are firm believers in that prevention is better than cure, after all not many people would neglect changing there engine oil and leaving it to chance.

Air conditioning service consists of

Level 1 service

Level 2 service, as level 1 but to include

Stay cool...
and get the best from your air conditioning

Photo: WeldbankDid you know

You can use you're A/C system all year round

In winter or summer, on damp days, an air-conditioning system, can be combined with or without your heater this will give you "dry air" acting as a dehumidifier and can be used to quickly clear steamed windows.

For rapid cool down in summer time turn your recirculation button to the on position to cool the cabin quicker.

Musty smells are caused by fungal bacteria and micro organisms that grow on the evaporator when systems are not used for long periods of time. This will cause allergies flu like symptoms such as coughing, running eyes and sneezing.etc. Read more...

A fully operarational A/C system will allow Hay fever sufferers to travel in comfort by keeping all windows closed yet staying cool.

One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to run your air conditioning system at least once a week for 10 to 20 minutes to keep the seals well lubricated. This will help prevent leakage of the refrigerant and ensure that oil gets a good chance to circulate. Remember prevention is better than cure and regular servicing will prevent costly and unwanted repairs.

If you are experiencing insufficient cooling or feel there could be a problem or possible leak within the system please don't hesitate to contact us