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BoschRolling Road

Photo: Weldbank Rolling RoadThe Rolling road we use is a computerised 2 wheel drive Bosch FLA 203 and allows us to carry out checks to your vehicle in a safe and controlled manner in our modern well equipped workshop.

We are able to test your vehicle in as close to "real life" situations as possible and therefore drive your vehicle at any speed or load condition, and used in conjunction with other test equipment can quickly determine even the most illusive of faults, all within a workshop environment.

Whether your vehicle is New, Historic or modified our 450 BHP Rolling Road allows us to test...

Photo: Weldbank Rolling RoadPower run

A Power Run is a simple test we can carry out to show the BHP and torque your car is producing at the wheels. The rolling roads computer will also approximate the power at the flywheel. Your car will be put on the rollers and two to three runs will be done to make sure that any particular run does not give an inconsistent or freak result.

Rolling Road Shootouts

We are more than happy to host rolling road shootout days for clubs or groups of individuals, great fun and also competitive, who will produce the most power on the day? We require a minimum of 10 cars in your group and would provide a discount to that affect.

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